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People often stumble upon themselves in unexpected places. Like most, Ravi put on a smiling mask to the society that failed to comprehend his complexity. Stranded between identities Ravi always felt that he belonged neither here nor there and hence the name, Neti-Neti (not this, not that).
The turning point of his life was when he travelled to Bali for work. With a day job that took him to over 15 countries, he spent his time grooving in their best nightclubs. Overwhelmed by the innocence of his inner child, which is fascinated by the concept of DJing, he decided that he will one day make people dance to his tunes. Like the free bird that flies home at sunset, Neti-Neti finds his on the dance floor, as the night sets in and he spins at his deck.
For Neti-Neti, to party is to thrive. His first love will always be Bollywood. Growing up in a traditional Indian family, Ravi always earned the spotlight by dancing at weddings, clubs & in parties. Losing himself to the liberating refuge that the nights offered, Neti-Neti would most often be found grooving to the beat, striking a chord with his true self. Today, through his sound, he connects and finds himself in others.



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